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Text: "respect tradition" in three dimensional letters on a tan background.
Scaling with Traditions

Traditions make your business unique. Traditions, systems, and processes. The things that happen without great mental effort within your business but still achieve significant results. These are built over time, and are continually sharpened like a well crafted sword. They are what makes your business unique and successful. How to define a business Many people …(Read It!)

Uncategorized / 13 Oct 2019

A bus driving through the forest in the direction of a sign that says "exciting" and the other direction says "boring"
Promote Your Roles

I’ve never quite understood why most companies make their job advertisements read like prescription medication instructions. A job description is what you give a candidate to better understand the specific duties and requirements of the position in direct terms. A job advertisement is what you use to incite interest in the position and your company. …(Read It!)

Uncategorized / 29 Sep 2019

attract candidates, for hire sign
Recruit Like You Sell

How important is Recruiting? So you want to attract quality candidates, eh? I’ve always found it interesting how many businesses focus their marketing and branding just towards customers and not focusing on recruiting talented team members. You’ve seen it, most career pages are a teeny-tiny link on the bottom of the website that you dig …(Read It!)

Think / 21 Aug 2016