Success Starts on Sunday

success on sundays

Welcome to Success Starts on Sunday. Genius, inspiration, perspiration, 1% vs 99%, Thomas Edison and all that good stuff. To start, understand that consistency and applied effort are the keys to success. Start your week knowing exactly what you want to accomplish. Don’t wait until Monday morning to figure it out. Results only, activity is just that…activity. Success Starts on Sunday is designed to remind and motivate you as the #1 leader in your business to take your goals by the horns. As always, I’ll also give you a few simple, but impactful, actions to complement your path to success. A successful business is not rocket science, it’s about consistent and diligent execution. Now, get it DONE!

The Golden Rule

Plan your week! Now, go somewhere quiet and take 20 minutes to figure out what you need to do. Don’t overthink it, just let your mind reflect and go with your instincts, they are probably right. Once you have something, take a few minutes to imagine what accomplishing your goals will feel like. Most likely the results will not be instantaneous, so think about the results near term and down the road. If it’s something you’ll need to stick with then make sure you have some measurements in place to track your progress and results. Well done, you’ve now accomplished what 90% of other business owners aren’t doing now by being diligent and focused on actions that produce results.

Tips for Planning Right

Actions of the Week

In addition to planning your strategic and high value goals for the week I’ll provide a couple of actions for each week of the year. Each week is designed to inspire actions that are low effort but high ROI for your business and also correlate with the respective time of year. Modify each week’s action to fit your business but the key is just that, TAKE ACTION, GET RESULTS.

Until Next Sunday

I hope this was helpful. I KNOW it will be helpful if you do it. I’d love to hear about your stories and ideas regarding the Triple S. As always, I’ll even post them on here as an example for others to use. Please email me or hit me up on Twitter. Have a great week and I’ll see you next Sunday!

Note: This concept was started later in the year, hence why it skips to Week 45.