Participation Proclamation

I love nothing more than a good solid discussion about an interesting topic, or even an un-interesting topic for that matter. My goal and desire for this site is to not just write a post and send it out into the universe to collect dust. Rather, it is to continue to update and iterate based upon my own new thoughts and perspectives as a business advisor. In addition, contributions from those that also want to chime in with their perspective. Basically I WANT your participation and view point!


I don’t like comment feeds and here is why:


I would still like to keep the communication lines open!

That is if you are willing to read and be accepting of a perspective that is eerily the same or radically different than your own, you can contribute by 140 character note (Twitter for the layperson), an electronic mail (, or carrier pigeon(coming soon)!  

I look forward to reading what you have to add to the discussion and just maybe your commentary could be added to the next update of that particular post, assuming you let me know what post you are referring to. Thanks for stopping by, I look forward to hearing from you.