The Backboard’s Mission

Dear You,

I really, really want to help business owners, leaders and teams succeed in creating great cultures within organizations! I have been a business owner for most of my adulthood. I know the bitter heartache, the paralyzing stresses, and the “go ape-shit” wins tied to trying to create something bigger than yourself. I’ve gone down the hard path many times and the easier one a few. The gauntlet of the business leader’s life is real and ever present.

There is no occupation more demanding, all-encompassing, and unforgiving than growing a business, whether it’s a team of five or five hundred.

I built a business from 2 people, sparse on experience, to 40+ people and almost $10M. It took me almost 10 years to get those results.  Everything was trial by fire and the scars of knowledge didn’t come cheap. The experience gained is invaluable. If I could go back, with the experience I have now, I’d do ten times as much in half the time. Wherever those numbers sit on your success meter, the harsh reality is that more than 99% of businesses don’t even come close…ever.

I’m not about the 6 steps to earning 6 figures kind of guy. Or even the “here is what I did, you can do it too, just follow this proven method to make millions.” BS! If I’ve learned nothing else in this world, is that  nothing worth having comes easy. There is no easy money.

I’m speaking to the person that understands the every day effort it takes to make a company great.  Like getting results in the gym, you have to show up every day.  This is in addition to all other life demands. This is the only way to get the kind of jaw dropping results real leaders desire.

But it doesn’t have to always be that way…

My strengths and expertise lie in being able to build a culture within in an organization that is dependable, high functioning, and work seamlessly together to deliver results for the company.

I’m on a mission to share this passion and expertise with as many people as I can.  Join me on this mission, and let’s change the way company’s achieve results together.


"The Backboard"

“The Backboard”