Let’s Connect

I love nothing more than a good solid discussion about an interesting topic. My goal and desire for this site is to not just write a post and send it out into the universe. Rather, my hope is that it is a platform where thought provoking ideas can be distributed as to how to improve company culture and ultimately create amazing organizations every where you turn.  With that in mind, I  want to add contributions from those that want to chime in with their perspective.
Sooo…if you feel like you have something great to share, a comment, or interest in how I might be able to help you on a journey to creating a better culture, here are some good ways and not so good ways to find me:

How to Connect with The Backboard

The best way to touch base is by e-mail (

You can find me on LinkedIn and always include a note 😉 .

I’m not crazy about social media, but if you feel inclined send a 140 character note (Twitter for the layperson)

Carrier pigeons, smoke signals, and holographic messages coming soon.

I look forward to reading what you have to add to the discussion and just maybe, your commentary could be added to the next update of that particular post.  Thanks for stopping by, I look forward to hearing from you.