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Diversity in Teams and Results

Diversity is certainly a big topic these days. While it is mostly focused on race, religion, and gender, I’m a firm believer in diversity of all types. Rich or poor, introvert or extrovert, athlete or non-athlete, there are all types of backgrounds that are important when building successful teams and growing a company in addition …(Read It!)

Uncategorized / 03 Nov 2019

Illustration of text: Three letters, each on a piece of paer. A - Ambitious I - Inspired M- Motivated.
The Simple Truths Behind Motivating Team Members

Daniel Pink wrote one of the better books on best practices of the psychology behind keeping your team motivated to do their best possible work. The book Drive, covers the essential elements of how human motivation is best tapped, and when it’s not. Pink references numerous studies to debunk old myths such as incentivizing good …(Read It!)

Uncategorized / 27 Oct 2019

Chalkboard illustration of text: Objective, Key, Results with light bulbs around it.
Getting it Done with the OKR

Objectives and Key Results. The OKR. Google uses the concept and is pretty proud of it. It has become a rather common term in the work force. However, depending upon which industry you’re in and what your team consists of, it can be a very difficult concept to effectively integrate in your business. People struggle …(Read It!)

Uncategorized / 20 Oct 2019

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Scaling with Traditions

Traditions make your business unique. Traditions, systems, and processes. The things that happen without great mental effort within your business but still achieve significant results. These are built over time, and are continually sharpened like a well crafted sword. They are what makes your business unique and successful. How to define a business Many people …(Read It!)

Uncategorized / 13 Oct 2019

Review: Seven Ways to Maintain Team Culture When Scaling a Business

Maintaining culture during the course of a growing business is one of my most cherished personal challenges and focus as a leader in the business. At Lifeblue, we always knew that the things we could do when we were a handful of people, simply weren’t feasible at 20, 40, and more. However, we very much …(Read It!)

Uncategorized / 06 Oct 2019

A bus driving through the forest in the direction of a sign that says "exciting" and the other direction says "boring"
Promote Your Roles

I’ve never quite understood why most companies make their job advertisements read like prescription medication instructions. A job description is what you give a candidate to better understand the specific duties and requirements of the position in direct terms. A job advertisement is what you use to incite interest in the position and your company. …(Read It!)

Uncategorized / 29 Sep 2019

Orange sign that reads "hard work ahead" in front of cityscape
How rigorous is your interview process?

Do you believe that good things don’t always come easy? Have you heard the saying, “hire slow, fire fast?” What steps have you taken to ensure you have an adequately structured interview process so that you can suss out the best candidates? The best candidates for your business are qualified, have the proper mindset, and …(Read It!)

Uncategorized / 21 Sep 2019