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winning with strong ideas
The Natural Selection of Ideas

I read an article, can’t say it was good. But it was interesting. It got me thinking about natural selection and a few of my other favorite books that are related to the subject so I thought I would write about it…(Read It!)

Think / 02 Jun 2016

business coach
Where are all the business coaches?

I relay my story and dissect the value of having a business coach. Not enough businesses use them and many fail because they aren’t able to surpass the initial learning curve of running a business to reach the point of success. …(Read It!)

Think / 15 May 2016

dancing devil
Recruiters: Dancing with the Devil

I needed to unwind a bit in regards to my beef about the recruiting industry. Just the facts…mostly. It’s not they are bad people or anything. Perhaps, if I can kindle my Luke Skywalker optimism and persistence as I unravel my thoughts, I may just find the good in them. …(Read It!)

Think / 17 Apr 2016