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illustration of man changing into hero suit
The Gapfiller: A Double Edged Sword

Every organization (hopefully) has as a gapfiller within it. They are an amazing person in so many ways, yet as the organization continues to grow they can become a fireball in an igloo if they’re not in the right place.

Think / 28 Oct 2018

Is it Luck or Skill?

My wife asked me the other day in which is more important in business…luck or skill? I’ve come to a conclusion.

Think / 03 Jun 2018

Promotion vs Quality and What Business Are You In?

Successful businesses don’t necessarily always have the highest quality product. Great promotion can mask a lot of product flaws. Defining what you’re actually providing underneath the surface is critical. (Read It!)

Think / 27 Aug 2017

The Simplest, Greatest Concept to Grow Your Business

I recently happened across a particular reference that has drastically changed how I manage and lead others within my business. It’s a simple and effective way to make sure your team members are on track with what you want to accomplish. (Read It!)

Think / 25 Feb 2017

$1M to $5M – How Saying No Accelerated My Business

At the start of my business, I suffered from entrepreneurial ADD. Check out how the realization of just 2 easy concepts helped me focus and grow my business from $1M to $5M in less than 2 years…(Read It!)

Think / 22 Jan 2017

The Relationship of Parenting and Managing

In the back of my mind, I have always felt the strong connection between my role as a parent and my role as a leader/manager. Turns out a lot of things have brought this to light and I took a shot at exploring them here. (Read It!)

Think / 19 Dec 2016

practice money
The Million Dollar Word No One Wants to Hear

Success comes from practice. Its an undeniable fact. The question is what do most people practice? The most successful people in the world are focused on analyzing and improving their abilities in every arena of their lives. They aren’t any different than anyone else, they just simply…practice. (Read It!)

Think / 16 Oct 2016

The Best Investment You’ll Ever Make

Stock market, no? Real Estate, maybe? Why risk your hard earned dollars in something risky? Place your money on your team first and you’ll get all the ROI you could ever ask for. (…Read It!)

Think / 18 Sep 2016

attract candidates, for hire sign
Recruit Like You Sell

How important is Recruiting? So you want to attract quality candidates, eh? I’ve always found it interesting how many businesses focus their marketing and branding just towards customers and not focusing on recruiting talented team members. You’ve seen it, most career pages are a teeny-tiny link on the bottom of the website that you dig …(Read It!)

Think / 21 Aug 2016

salesman with cash
Sales Commission and Unintended Consequences

Running, owning, or managing a business always seems to be a constant flux of unintended consequences. Compensation, in particular commission based, can often misalign the needs of your customers with what your business is incentivizing. I take a deeper look at unintended consequences of commission based compensation structures. (Read It!)

Think / 28 Jul 2016