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Diversity in Teams and Results

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Diversity is certainly a big topic these days. While it is mostly focused on race, religion, and gender, I’m a firm believer in diversity of all types. Rich or poor, introvert or extrovert, athlete or non-athlete, there are all types of backgrounds that are important when building successful teams and growing a company in addition to gender, ethnicity, national origin, etc. While you don’t want to create a group of people that can’t get along, commonality in purpose is the sustaining factor that can get various groups of people with very different backgrounds to come together for the greater good.

Often times we focus so much on culture fit when hiring that we often forget about culture add. What dynamic or element is this person bringing to the table that we don’t currently have?

In a recent study completed by Mckinsey and Co published on the Wall Street Journal, asserts that diversity in leadership effectively leads to greater profits. I’m not sure what the statistical significance of this study is, but it brings up some compelling and objective data that wouldn’t be prudent to ignore if your business seems to be lacking in diversity. And oppositely to be celebrated if this reinforces your company’s diversity efforts.

A great business is one that continues to find and recognize the valuable contributions of ALL team members, not just the team members of a certain trait and characteristic. That’s success in diversity.

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