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The Simple Truths Behind Motivating Team Members

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Daniel Pink wrote one of the better books on best practices of the psychology behind keeping your team motivated to do their best possible work. The book Drive, covers the essential elements of how human motivation is best tapped, and when it’s not. Pink references numerous studies to debunk old myths such as incentivizing good behaviors and punishing bad. Pink’s main points include:

Pink’s main assertions include:

  • Pay people enough to take money off the table (not overpay but certainly don’t underpay).
  • Provide team members autonomy to be creative and in control of their work.
  • Provide team members with a challenge, mastery, and opportunity to make a contribution.
  • Profit needs to be connected to purpose. Purpose is key.

If you can’t find the time to read the book, then this video will do the trick:

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