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Scaling with Traditions

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Traditions make your business unique.

Traditions, systems, and processes. The things that happen without great mental effort within your business but still achieve significant results. These are built over time, and are continually sharpened like a well crafted sword. They are what makes your business unique and successful.

How to define a business

Many people define what a business essentially is in many different ways. For my own personal definition, a business is a culmination of the activities that it can do consistently, in an ever improving quality and profitable manner, that provides value to the marketplace.

Traditions should included in all aspects of your business

Every part of your business should have identifiable and repeatable processes and traditions. Check out this article about Gusto that breaks down some of the traditions and systems within their interview process. It speaks well to just a few of the mechanics they have developed over time to give them confidence in their hiring process. And sprinkles in some fun along the way.


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