Review: Seven Ways to Maintain Team Culture When Scaling a Business

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Maintaining culture during the course of a growing business is one of my most cherished personal challenges and focus as a leader in the business. At Lifeblue, we always knew that the things we could do when we were a handful of people, simply weren’t feasible at 20, 40, and more. However, we very much sought to keep the essences and the spirit of our culture and traditions alive in whatever new iteration we created that scaled to our new level.

This article very succinctly articulates many of the same principles we have used to scale our culture and is pretty spot on when it comes to the things that make growth and culture enrichment possible. You’ll find one of the central themes of the seven points is to take the time to celebrate and reflect early and often throughout the “grind of growth.” This is all the more important as you encounter challenges; to understand you’ve been there before, overcame, and have what it takes to do it again. When it comes to taking time to focus on the team (and individual), there is no way you can spend TOO much time doing these types of activities. This builds lasting relationships with some of your key players that are paramount to the long term success of the business.

In the end I compare growing a business to my basic training experience in the military. Had some great times, and great laughs. Would I want to do it again? Probably not. But it’s the relationships built and what we overcame that makes the memories and helps make it all the worthwhile.


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Seven Ways to Maintain Team Culture When Scaling a Business

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