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Getting it Done with the OKR

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Objectives and Key Results. The OKR.

Google uses the concept and is pretty proud of it. It has become a rather common term in the work force. However, depending upon which industry you’re in and what your team consists of, it can be a very difficult concept to effectively integrate in your business. People struggle to create them. Managers struggle to maintain accountability. It can be awfully difficult to stay on top of and track to completion.

However, you improve what you measure (be careful what you measure). So, if done well, and you can sustain and succeed in getting it adopted within your organization, it is easily one of the more powerful performance metrics concepts you can implement. Here are a few of my more favorite articles, tidbits, and other resources to help make the OKR an effective part of your business.

Felipe Castro just about nails it with all of this greatly organized content and information on how to implement OKRs effectively.

Here is a great video from Google Labs that takes you through how the OKR process is done at Google.

Here is a handy, simple spreadsheet you can use to track OKRs.

We recently started using this tool as a “pulse” management system, but it has so many other great benefits such as team recognition, 1 on 1 conversation tools and of course real time OKR tracking. In the words of my young daughter, I Stan this tool.

Perhaps you’re not quite ready to tackle the OKR challenge but know you want to head in that direction, here is an article that helps break down different goal mechanisms.

Last but not least if you want a catchall for implementing OKRs and resources, here you go.

If anyone else out there has any other great tools and resources for getting OKRs implemented, hit me up!

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