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How rigorous is your interview process?

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Do you believe that good things don’t always come easy? Have you heard the saying, “hire slow, fire fast?”

What steps have you taken to ensure you have an adequately structured interview process so that you can suss out the best candidates?

The best candidates for your business are qualified, have the proper mindset, and genuinely want to be a part of your business, for whatever reasons that may entail.

None of this is new information. However, if you don’t feel like everyone on your team(s) is contributing significantly in their respective roles, then you may have some deficiencies in your interview process.

Here are some quick pointers to enhance your interview process:

  1. Be rigid. Don’t short cut the process, it’s the details within that matter.
  2. Set the stage. The interview process should consist of a minimum of 3-4 stages with a specific focus for each stage.
  3. Evaluate the small things. At glance, many people are qualified (or so they can convey). Make sure you’re looking for the winning attributes already exemplified by successful team members currently in your organization.
  4. Create commitment. This already happens with the stages. Add pieces to your process that require some “skin in the game” from the candidate such as an assessment, a deliverable, trial day, etc.
  5. Be interviewed. At least 25% of the interview process should consist of opportunities where the candidate is interviewing the company, not the other way around.
  6. Be certain. If at the end of the process the answer is not a “Hell Yes,” then it’s a “Hell No!”

Having a rigorous interview process where a high bar is required to enter your company is the #1 key to have a successful business operation. Anything less will diminish your product and send a signal to your current team that you aren’t concerned with who walks in the door.

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