Promotion vs Quality and What Business Are You In?

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The Fight of the Century

I just finished watching the acclaimed McGregor vs Mayweather fight. So much hype, so much promotion. My net summary? Myself, my close friends, and acquaintances just dropped a hundred smackers (albeit $5 each) to watch Mayweather go a few practice rounds with a mediocre sparring partner. McGregor didn’t stand a chance. Everyone knew it. Vegas was set to lose millions if McGregor won because the betting was so lopsided with the odds.

What is the business of sports?

So the question is, why did I and an estimated 50 million people decide to watch it? If we can all agree that this wasn’t a bout between two amazing, top of their game boxers (one was and one wasn’t), then what did we actually watch? The real question is, what business is the UFC, professional boxing, and sports at large actually in? Entertainment, certainly. But I imagine it goes deeper than that. Different teams, sports, etc might have different nuances as to what makes them special. Whatever their tick is, it seems as an audience we are more compelled by watching a good show than spectating the greatest of athletes compete.

Quality products are what people need, great promotion is what people want.

I suppose I’ll let science do the talking behind this mystery. Sports in general, are in the business of brain chemicals.

Quality Usually Sits in the Back Seat

Most business owners think they are in the business of their respective product. Rarely the case, this assumption would mean that the largest of businesses sell the best quality product in their arena. McDonald’s isn’t the best hamburger. Budweiser isn’t the best beer. Heck, even most technologists agree that Apple technology kind of sucks.

Overly-hyped crap products will always go the way of the dodo bird, or at least be relegated to late night TV info-mericals. The more financially successful businesses of the world tend to follow this formula for success:

Avoid the Snake Oil

I’m certainly a believer in a quality product. Quality products are what people need, great promotion is what people want. Nothing rubs me more wrong than a snake oil product and salesperson. All hype no substance. I think the world may have been sold a little snake oil with this last fight. But hey, I got my dose of chemicals, hung out with friends, and was entertained in the process. That’s what I bought, that’s what I got.

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