The Simplest, Greatest Concept to Grow Your Business

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The Most Magical Words

Simple and Effective. There are very few things that I can point to in over 10 years as a business owner that allow me to say “this single-handedly made a difference in my business.” Today I’m going to share a resource with you that has done tremendous things for me as a business owner. You might be asking yourself, what kind of wizardry is this? It surely must be complicated, right? Nothing can be that effective…can it? Well just hold your horses because there is nothing complicated about it. It just takes a few hours (or less) a week for everyone in your business that is responsible for leading someone else.

Once you read and understand it, you may just understand what I’m talking about. Once you start doing it and practicing it consistently, I know you’ll see the light. Just one other perspective before you scroll too far and start get ahead of me.

Entrepreneurs and business owners are not always the greatest managers.

It’s an age old conflict of the the “idea guy” on one shoulder vs the “doer” on the other. Unfortunately for most business owners, we don’t get the luxury to just be one or the other. Especially in the early stages of our business. We are often frustrated by the lack of results or why people don’t get it. This frustration is a result of not digging down deep enough to share with people what we really want and how to get there. As entrepreneurs we often want to focus on the dream and stay at 100 thousand feet when it comes to managing. For most employees, this simply isn’t enough for them to connect the dots of how to effectively live out our vision and dream.

You are the teacher of your business

We need to do more, share more, and guide our team members. Keeping their benefit in mind but aligning our vision to their goals and desires. Teach them and provide the support so they can get there. That’s where this relatively short white paper written by Esther Schindler, published by O’Reilly, comes into play. No need for me to restate anything said in the document. Read it for yourself, I’ll be back in 15 minutes.


Make it happen

Alright, I’m back. Did you read it? Do you see where this could help you? Odds are you may be doing something similar already. However, this can certainly add a context to make these types of meetings all the more effective. If you don’t change something about your business after having read this, then let me know what you got going on that you believe works better. Seriously, I want to know. If you do give this approach a try, let me know as well. I’d love to see how it works for you. Personally, I’ve only happened across this paper less than a year ago but I can easily point out numerous areas of success and great things that have happened since I started using this methodology consistently.

Good luck to you and thanks for reading!


Russel "The Backboard"

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