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Business Insights from Russel Dubree aka “The Backboard” on the Tour de Profit Radio Show

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A Few Business Insights from the Backboard

My good friend and former business coach, Rich Allen, invited me to be a guest and provide some business insights on his Internet radio show. It is a highly impactful internet radio show on KVGI radio in Frisco, TX Rich does on a weekly basis. His goal is nothing short of providing inspiration and advice to business owners. While I gave him some grief for being his 23rd guest on the show, it was an overall great experience. I am grateful to Rich for asking me to be a part of it.

I now have a new appreciation for what the term “radio voice” means and am left with the notion that I need to work on mine. Being a great orator is not necessarily one of my strengths to begin with but at least I’ll be more prepared the next time. I had some pretty good insights I felt that came out of the Lifeblue story. I’ve made my mistakes over the years but I’ve never been one to shy away from a good lesson. Thre are a few to be found with this experience in both content and form.

Here is a link to hear it for yourself!

What do you think? Anything you connected with or found valuable? If you want to weigh in or even answer some of Rich’s questions yourself, send an email to the Backboard email and speak your mind! Also, check out Rich’s website at, follow his blog, and tune in to his radio show from time to time. He is a great person with a lot of great tips to help businesses grow.

Thanks for reading, err… I mean listening!


Russel "The Backboard"

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